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When Should You Place the Follow-Up Call?

A question I received from a training client, and one I often get, is “How far in advance should you set your follow-up call?”

I don’t know. Let THEM tell you.

And tie it into the commitment for action they’re giving you.

(They ARE committing to something, right? Why would you call back otherwise?)

In determining when to follow up with a prospect, don’t simply say, “So when should I call you back?”

Instead, tie your request into the action they promised to take.

“By when will you have had a chance to run the numbers against next year’s projections?”

“On what day do you anticipate meeting with your partner to recommend my proposal?”

And after they give you a date, they’ve committed to the action, and the date. Then you can follow with,

“Great, so let’s set up a time to talk the next day.”

When they agree to do something by a certain date—and they are the ones to give you the date—they’re more committed to it, and it naturally minimizes the chance of hearing, “I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”

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