If you have something to say, don’t email, just place the call!

Social Media and the Wussification of Sales–Just Place the Call!

There’s a disturbing mindset among some people, mostly online and on social media (naturally, there, as I’ll point out in a minute)

Some folks are suggesting that inside sales will rely less and less on the phone, and more on email and social media. Even perhaps to the point of phone communication becoming a minor part of the process.

This I reject.

In fact, those that believe that notion are contributing to what I have termed the “wussification of sales.” Yes, there are those who would rather hide behind their computer monitor and keyboard than actually get on the phone and talk to someone.

There is no denying that the landscape has changed dramatically over just the past couple of years with inside sales/telesales. More so than at any other similar time period of my 31 years in the business of helping others get more business using the phone. We have technology available that enables us to gather a tremendous amount of intelligence about our prospects and customers and the situations and events that make them ripe for selling to. In fact, this is the basic premise of Smart Calling and I encourage you to take advantage of it.

However, all of these wonderful technological tools are just that: tools. Tools to help us communicate more strategically, effectively, relevantly, and successfully with prospects and customers. The most effective way to communicate is face-to-face, with phone communication coming in second. Everything else is a distant third, since it is not in real time.

If you are not talking to a person, you are not maximizing your sales opportunities. (Go ahead and Tweet that.)

I agree that it is more difficult today to reach buyers. And they are busier than ever, and in many cases more knowledgeable about products and services. However, as with most things that are difficult, those who adapt and persist are the ones who succeed. Hopefully that is you. So pick up that phone or headset, just place the call and talk to someone!

(For over 30 years Art Sobczak has helped sales pros use the right words by phone to get the results they want. Get more free tips from him every week, and seeback issues of his weekly tips here.)

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  • Valerie Clemens February 26, 2014, 3:45 pm

    I agree with the premise. However, HOW do you get people to actually pick up their phones? I have no fear of cold calling or rejection and believe once a prospects DOES pick up his/her phone I am adept at selling.

    My problem is: people don’t answer their phones, usually. Or am I missing something? Thank you.